Let's fix personal finance

After years of learning and growing I eventually found a job where I like what I’m working on, who I’m working with, I get paid well and have regular performance reviews.

It’s really all good and while there may be some more juice to squeeze, there’s not a lot of juice left in this lemon called “being a software engineer”.

So, how come I don’t have any savings? How come I still live paycheck to paycheck?

This shouldn’t be a problem by now!

Is it me? Am I the problem?

The impulse purchase vicious cycle

Partly so.

I can be impulsive with my purchases, true. I tend to overstretch myself sometimes and I enjoy vacationing, having a nice car and other “luxuries”.

But I still feel like I could have most of those and still save some 10-20% a year. Which I don’t, even though it would be significant.

Look at this screenshot from the compound interest calculator we built at Expensio:

Saving adds up over time

In the above simulation I assumed you save $24k per year. That should be do-able for a software engineer. And yet I don’t do it.

I tried tracking my expenses to help with it, but I hated the process with all apps I’ve tried. Every time I track something I have to add a million details about it.

I couldn’t stick to that so I tried Google Sheets and even Apple Notes, but it required too much work to:

  1. keep expenses organized
  2. get projections for future incomes / expenses / balances

I gave up on trying to find something good…

And I just built my own thing

I had a few goals in mind:

  1. add expenses / incomes without having to do a million inputs
  2. easily fix my in-app balance when I forget to track things for a few days
  3. see how my balance will look like throughout the next 30 days based on what expenses I predict I’ll have (vacations, rent, etc)

If I could just have these, I’d be able to stick to budgeting long-term (which I now have done so for months btw) and I’d be able to manage my cash flow so I never run out of money (at the very least).

See, my first goal is to stop running out of money before the next salary. Then I can build up to saving 10-20% of my income.

So far, it’s starting to look good and (even though I am biased) I really like what I’ve built in Expensio.

If you have the same issues I had, I think you should check it out. Here’s a demo of it:

And here’s the website where you can find more material about it, guides and so on.

If you like it, please let me know. It’d motivate me to further work on it. If you have any feedback, also contact me. I’d love to make this even more useful than it is.